documentation for Final Project for NYU ITP Intro to Computational Media Fall 2018

“Pokemon Ruby Version”

(P.S. the .rtf file is just the sketch.js code, and the .zip file is the full file of what plays in browser)

thank you thank you to Professor O'Sullivan for the opportunity to take this course and everybody at ITP for being so friendly/welcoming  :)


2.  (really helpful resources for library) (specially Tutorial 3 and Tutorial 6 helping with tilemaps) (specially the Examples and Reference sections)


2. (databases of old to contemporary videogame resources) (MapleStory database) and -- home functioning as a fantasy “King Knight” album by Salem — was thinking of house and witch house genre lots when making this — really liked the weight of witch house, but wanted slower tempos/rhythms, as far as choreographing movement re: videogames as performance

my friend Lillyan let me house her music in the game — I’m planning on building on what’s here lots more (more rooms and events), with more music in the future, and I’m super grateful/really appreciate her music  ★★

“Yume Nikki” by Kikiyama -- "cherished, awful memories"

“P.T.” or “Silent Hills” -- been thinking of a heavy repetition lots, and P.T. is a good foundation for that -- also bildungsroman but with 1 room

1. Petscop youtube channel

2. Ben Drowned youtube playlist -- both as “haunted save file” 

also, with Petscop, thinking of earnest injustice as a core for horror (the story is mostly about futility in the face of child abuse)(also see and “rebirthing therapy”) approaching finishing as a skill, super helpful post (I'd like to be better at this haha); Derek Yu also made "Spelunky" and "Aquaria" 

Sincerely thank you for playing  :)    ★★★

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it's dang stupid

EDIT #1: changed a song and added a crash event